Windows XP Browser not opening Microsoft or Antivirus Sites


If you are using windows xp and you face the problem that whenever you open microsoft or some specific antivirus site, the browser just doesn’t open it. Well, thats probably because of the windows cd that you used or downloaded is pirated and they do not want you to go into that sites.

There is a solution for this problem, but its not permanent. To be able to browse those sites, just go to services and restart the service named ‘DNS Client’ and voila! you are in.

Actually when your system boots, DNS Client is called automatically with some parameters to stop you from browsing those sites. Restarting it resets them and you are free to visit any site.

Now, if you are smarter than more of us, then use an auto executable batch to run after each boot, but make sure it is the last batch ran.


One thought on “Windows XP Browser not opening Microsoft or Antivirus Sites

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